GE is planning
to build new dirty coal power plants all over the world.

As the world strives for a safe climate, giant multinational General Electric is expanding coal power, one of the largest drivers of global warming.

GE claims to support the Paris climate agreement. But every one of the 18 coal power stations it is trying to equip (by providing boilers, steam turbine generation systems, or other products) across 16 countries will contribute to runaway climate change.

Coal power is outdated, directly threatening people’s health and livelihoods through local pollution impacts, while fueling the climate crisis impacting people and ecosystems the world over.

It’s time for GE to use its imagination and stop supporting outdated, polluting energy and start building a cleaner, safer future.

We’re asking GE to:

  • immediately end any further efforts to expand the coal sector by restructuring existing business, including the 18 coal power projects currently in development, away from coal power towards renewable energy and working with its power sector clients to shift planned additional power capacity to renewables.
  • implement a phase out plan to shift power capacity to renewable energy in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement, which includes working with clients to retire and replace existing fossil fuel projects with renewable energy and implementing a transition plan for its workers.

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About this campaign

GEt out of coal is an initiative of Market Forces, an affiliate project of Friends of the Earth Australia.

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